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The Social Media Revolution

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A Vending machine that Sells Likes and Followers???

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Animated Bar Chart of the Most Popular Social Media Networks from 2003 – 2018

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Pop Culture Characters Organized by Color

French illustrator Linda Bouderbala did a fun exercise where she gathered some of her favorite characters from geek and pop culture and organized them by color.     Her Instagram has plenty of other fun mashups, too:

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teamLab’s Borderless exhibition is a must see in Tokyo Japan

In Tokyo teamLab’s Borderless interactive exhibition at the Mori Building digital Art Museum is a must see. The 10,000 square meter space has about a dozen very large experiential spaces. The different spaces combine light, sound, and 3D design to create pocket … Continue reading

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Elemental, where beautiful ocean photos become stunning cinemagraphs

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Hypnotic film of iridescent crystals growing

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Kewl Backgrounds

Cool Backgrounds generates beautiful, abstract, geometric images perfect for use as backgrounds on your computer or mobile gadgetry. There are four different styles, many color scheme options, and a feed of nice free photos. While finishing up a gradient generator project … Continue reading

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This art piece generates a wall of big bubbles

This is really fun. With Japanese artist Rintaro Hara‘s latest piece, visitors can make giant bubbles simply by pulling on a rope. By doing so, her Projection Wall raises a grid of ropes that have been dunked in a soapy solution. Then, as … Continue reading

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Programmer/artist creates algorithmic portraits composed of a single line

LinesLab is “an experimental design studio established by Sergej Stoppel that explores algorithmic art and robotics.” Among his cool works are these single-line portraits.

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