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Technology in business intelligence systems

  Business Intelligence (BI) plays a key role in the strategic planning process of corporate businesses. These intelligent systems help companies analyze data in order to make smarter decisions. These systems summarize important business factors such as customer profiling, market … Continue reading

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What companies will succeed in the 21st century?

We exist in the information age and we have been indulged in it quite some time now. We have more than information at our fingertips, we have information overload. Anything we need to know can be served up to us … Continue reading

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Self managed teams in the information age

The development of high-functioning self-managed teams is a multi-step process. As with any change endeavor, this development doesn’t happen overnight. The speed with which teams come together is driven by a number of social and political factors that influence the teams’ outcomes. … Continue reading

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The Relationship Between Business and Society

The relationship between business and society is integral in the success of any business. This relationship is defined as how a company interacts with society. There is an obvious and symbolic relationship between business and society that has been observed and evaluated for generations. … Continue reading

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