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Fantastic psychedelic video for Kraftwerk’s Autobahn (1979)

In 1979, Roger Mainwood, just out of the Royal College of Art, created this wonderfully trippy animation for Kraftwerk’s “Autobahn.” It was a commission from the band’s record company but Kraftwerk had no input on the film, and Mainwood says … Continue reading

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When Chell is crushed between two portals, she enters an infinite realm of psychedelic visuals

Crowbcat created a Portal setup that had Chell, the game’s heroine, trapped between two portals that crushed her. The results were an astounding wonderland of psychedelic visuals I don’t know what would be cooler: if this were an emergent property … Continue reading

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Imaginary Foundation’s incredible psychedelic fly-through

The Imaginary Foundation’s Cosmic Symbolism Fly-Through is far fucking out.

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