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Clever hidden meanings in 30 famous logos

Starbucks Ever wondered while you were ordering your chai latte why on Earth did Starbucks chose a mermaid for its logo? The founders named the company after a character in the nautical novel “Moby-Dick” and keen to push the seafaring … Continue reading

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Millennials in the Workforce, A Generation of Weakness – Simon Sinek

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Technology in business intelligence systems

  Business Intelligence (BI) plays a key role in the strategic planning process of corporate businesses. These intelligent systems help companies analyze data in order to make smarter decisions. These systems summarize important business factors such as customer profiling, market … Continue reading

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Understanding data-mining and its application

Concept of data-mining The concept of data-mining first needs a basic understanding of what databases are and how we use databases in our everyday lives. Databases offer organizations the methods needed to store, manage, and efficiently retrieve information. “A database … Continue reading

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What companies will succeed in the 21st century?

We exist in the information age and we have been indulged in it quite some time now. We have more than information at our fingertips, we have information overload. Anything we need to know can be served up to us … Continue reading

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The benefits of managing information systems in a business environment

Roles of IS in Business The benefits of managing information systems in a business environment have shown to be a moving target but have also been the catalyst for growth and advancement in the ever-expanding realm of information systems. While there are … Continue reading

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E-business initiatives

E-business is becoming more and more of a pivotal cornerstone in the global marketplace. Countries have stepped up to the demands of internet infrastructure and have met the challenges of an ever increasing population of internet users and shoppers. After 2006, … Continue reading

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Self managed teams in the information age

The development of high-functioning self-managed teams is a multi-step process. As with any change endeavor, this development doesn’t happen overnight. The speed with which teams come together is driven by a number of social and political factors that influence the teams’ outcomes. … Continue reading

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Is CEO compensation justified by performance?

CEO compensation can come in many forms. In a modern day corporation the CEO is often paid salary plus incentives and bonuses. There are several forms of compensation that are most commonly used, and these consist of salary, short term … Continue reading

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What is the operating definition of organizational behavior?

I believe the operating definition of organizational behavior must start with a creative mission statement. I believe employers can help employees do outstanding things just by helping them achieve a mental picture of what they are able to accomplish. People want to … Continue reading

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