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Pills Dissolve under Macro lens in Time-lapse

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Tokyo club kids photographed in their bathtubs

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Water Transfer Printing – Hydrographics

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Creativity and Technology Combined

Human creativity represents an enigma to the research community: it is all but impossible to describe the process in unequivocal terms, yet there is a strong desire to promote and encourage this uniquely human activity. Within the realm of human-computer … Continue reading

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Tea bags that look like goldfish

A tea bag is cut into the shape of an elegant goldfish – the Goldfish Tea Bag. Goldfish Tea Bags are made via a 16-step process. Nine of these steps require handcrafted skills in order to display the ultimate craftsmanship … Continue reading

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The excellent pencil sculptures of Dalton Ghetti

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Mobile phone orchestra TV advertisement

I’ve seen several artists create “mobile phone orchestras” but I appreciate the multigenerational representation in this example made for SK Telecom, the South Korean wireless operator.

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Dead Kennedy artist Winston Smith’s art exhibition in SF 4/4/2014

Winston Smith for KR3W Denim from KR3W DENIM on Vimeo.

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Body Painting the Camouflaged Moth

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Amazing sushi-roll art

Takayo “Tama-cha” Kiyota is a Japanese chef who specializes in makizushi art: artistic sushi-rolls that use cunningly arranged food to create illustrations in the rolls’ cross-sections. Her work is improbably amazing. Here’s a great article in Japanese on her methodology, … Continue reading

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