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This art piece generates a wall of big bubbles

This is really fun. With Japanese artist Rintaro Hara‘s latest piece, visitors can make giant bubbles simply by pulling on a rope. By doing so, her Projection Wall raises a grid of ropes that have been dunked in a soapy solution. Then, as … Continue reading

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Latte artist takes it to the next colorful level

  Most latte art is a monochromatic palette of rich browns and creams. Korean art professor Kangbin Lee has taken his Creamart works into the rest of the spectrum.

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Some people can hear this GIF

A lot of people can apparently hear this GIF. I can feel it. The GIF was created by HappyToast.

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The Wormhole Actualization Machine

What’s it like to get sucked into a black hole and travel at hypersonic speeds through a wormhole? Alan Watts built this Arduino-based psychedelic spacetime visualizer to find out. See how it was built and read more…

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Easy to make money in the art field?

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Revised Search Limitations Act of 1742 … Really?

This is one of the most unusual dialog boxes I have received in quite some time. I’m having a hard time thinking it’s real. Especially considering I can not find much through a Google search. Isn’t Google the all encompassing … Continue reading

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